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This website,, does not collect your private information unless you send it to us in the following ways:


If you send us an email, we will collect your email address and use it to reply to your question and/or message. Your email will not be sold or traded, but in landscaping services, it may be given to a 3rd party subcontractor who may perform some of the work we provide.

For example, we may subcontract out something like a patio slab being installed to a hardscape contractor. But this won’t always be the case.

Your email address will remain on our computer in our email inbox and may appear on some of our paperwork for such items as receipts.

Phone Numbers

Your phone number may be collected by us once you contact us. Your phone number will not be traded or sold but may be given to another local landscape / hardscape contractor if we subcontract out some of our work.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please let us know.